The present as past and future.

It seems that all art derives from a picture. Written texts, Drawings, Paintings, Sculptures, Illustrations and Photographs have made more enduring memories of people and events. Motion pictures and animations have made memory so profound and relive-able.

 The digital age has made the proliferation of information including pictures so wide and crosscutting that genres are now being re-defined and appropriated across all media.  My work refers to photographs, photographs of photographs, and photographs of paintings.

The past, the present and futures are also being redefined by images allowing us to delve into the past and extricating imagined or ever changing parts of it.

In many ways, the future and the past are unreachable and unlivable yet the picture or image of a history or future conjures a story of its own that is so personal in interpretation and visuality. Nevertheless, the validity of  the experiential texture that people bring to events of the past or future, is always subject to current time and place (space).