(The Netherlands)


This project started during my graduation in 2013 where I researched the process that is involved to create a photographic image. As a first step I started making pinhole camera’s to create images of my surroundings. Every step in this long process I documented and made a DIY guide to Slow Photography.

Slow photography is a way of photographing in which the process is more important then the final image. To be aware of the process that is involved in creating images is the first step in becoming more aware of the world around us created by photographic images. Photography is a tool in which the process enables us to look and re-look at the world but sometimes we forget that the world is not just an image we create its also consists of al the images that we do not create.

In the following years I kept making cameras in continuation of this principle, SLOWFOTO is a never-ending process of creating contraptions capable of creating images.