(The Netherlands)

Me and You and Everyone we do not know

  • Angelica Dass

  • Elsadig Mohamed, Tijmen van Dijk, Joachim Schmid, Angelica Dass

  • Willem Popelier

  • Tijmen van Dijk, Joachim Schmid, Romaric Tisserand

  • Tijmen van Dijk, Joachim Schmid, Elsadig Mohamed, Romaric Tisserand

  • Joachim Schmid, Tijmen van Dijk, Elsadig Mohamed

  • Elsadig Mohamed, Joachim Schmid, Tijmen van Dijk

  • Anno Dijkstra, Nii Obodai, Tijmen van Dijk, Joachim Schmid

  • Nii Obodai (detail)

  • Harry Bos

Me and You and Everyone we do not know (curated by Andrea Stultiens)
An exploration of photographic depictions of individuality and anonymity in changing media landscapes.

Academic Minerva, Preadiniussingel 59, Groningen.
Open on weekdays. Sept 4th-October 2nd. Monday-Thursday 8am-9.30pm, Friday 8am-6pm.
The exhibition relates to ‘Making Oneself’, curated by Alexander Suportono and Andrea Stultiens and part of Noorderlicht Photofestival.

The portrait could, measured in quantity of images made, very well be the most prominent photographic genre. Images of individuals are made with smart phones, but also by professionals using expensive cameras. Portraits are made for reasons as diverse as the techniques used to make them. The point of the photographic portrait could be the depiction of the individual, but also something the individual stands for: he or she could be an archetype, embody a social issue. The availability of social networks and other online applications seem to have added significantly to the possible meanings, uses and distribution of photographic portraits. But how do we know who we see and what they stand for? When is it important to answer these questions? And how do artists that use photographic portraits as part of their work play with all this?

With work by Angelica Dass, Elsadig Mohamed, Harry Bos, Joachim Schmid, Nii Obodai, Romaric Tisserand, Tijmen van Dijk, Willem Popelier.

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