Photography as Research

Photography is the conversation of the photographer with the world that surrounds him.

The photographer is unable to totally impose his will on the image. Reality itself intervenes. The world outside the image has a voice of its own. Every photo that is not fully staged is by consequence a dialogical image. Jerry L. Thompson speaks of a dialectic interaction between photographer and subject in which both voices are present. A photo is thereby not a thing in itself but a part of a researching practice. The act of photography is the act of trying to understand the world. For the viewer this means that the artist acts decisively to create a structure that invites the viewer in, and leaves room for thinking.

From this perspective photography can be part of the artistic research practices of photographers, artists and designers. PRICCAPractice wants to focus on and create room for these practices by means of this website and in the expert meetings organized twice annually at Academy Minerva in Groningen, The Netherlands.