Jiska Huizing

Jiska Huizing is an artist currently living in Bergen (Norway), where she graduated from the Master in Fine Art at the Bergen Academy of Art and Design in May 2015.

Why does the distance become blue? What is the connection between the Rhododendron, originally from the Himalaya, and Bergen? If a stuffed owl is looking at you from a picture, what is it that you, the viewer, are actually looking at? These are questions that drive her research and which can be the beginning of a new work.

Photography as a medium has always interest her and although the range of media that she uses have been expanded during the Master, for example with text and sound, photography still is one of the main media in her artistic practice. Her fascination for this medium lies in its characteristics, especially its close relation with the reality that we live in. Even though most people are aware of the fact that photography does transform the image it captures, they are still tempted to forget about this because of the large similarities between the created image on a photo and the way we perceive and see our surroundings.
How do things work; what is ‘on their inside’ and what kind of systems underlie it? Everything is constantly changing and yet we try to find structures, systems and order. Jiska Huizing’s work is investigating these structures and systems that suggest certainty, stability and/or completeness. She distills her own structures out of them and wonders how you can say something through using these constructions, while showing their instability as well? The eventual work contains a certain familiarity together with subtle alienations of it.


Projects by Jiska Huizing