Jellie Klaster

Jellie Klaster studied Fine Arts at Minerva Art Academy in Groningen. Before that she studied Philosophical Anthropology at the University of Amsterdam. Since 2013 she is a professional artist.
Her images she creates in a variety of ways, with diverse materials. But always, her starting point is to find out something about her own identity. This question captivates her during her study of philosophy, where she comes into contact with phenomenology and gender studies. Within these disciplines, she finds space to play with ideas concerning how the world presents itself to the human consciousness and how people relate to this world.
In the art academy she works with ‘family patterns’. Which patterns can be recognized in family histories and their photographic images. Physicality is important for that. The body as it exists in space and in which the subject is internalised. The body as perspective from which you perceive. But also the body as it manifests itself in the picture and the image. Which role do perception and depiction play in regards to the identity of a person. Can a photo tell something about an individual’s identity, and if so, what? Does it also tell something about the identity of the person taking the photo. In her project ‘My father in New Guinea’, Jellie searches for her father’s identity, through photos that were made of him in Papua. There she meets people who tell her stories, when seeing the pictures. This information she uses to create new images.

Projects by Jellie Klaster