Hylke Zikken

Hylke (1989) studied Media Design (07-13) and Art-education (13-15) at Academy Minerva. He originally started as a video designer and VJ with WERC-collective, an experiment driven group which explores the tangible relation between flat and spatial digital imagery. This relation between the image world and the physical world sparked his interest in photography and the photographic image.

Hylke is mostly interested in how we, as humans, use photography to try to get an understanding of the world around us. Photography is, like other technologies, a extension of our abilities to gain knowledge of this world, but as technologies tend to do it also limits our abilities to see beyond. In his work Hylke is researching the position he as individual has in the photographic society he is living in. Is it possible to be an individual in this vast system of technical and social requirements? From this individual point of view he searches for leads that give insight in this system of images and social context


Projects by Hylke Zikken