Eria Nsubuga

Eria is a Visual Artist mostly doing painting. His style is what some artists in Uganda choose to call 'Indigenous Expression', a term coined by Ugandan artists Henry Mujunga and Stephen Kasumba to refer to those artists who paint with what raw energy and flair that's integral to their indigenous nature. They seek to disregard rules and doctrines on artistic representation. If you love almost naive, illustrative work, then perhaps you'll like what I do. Eria is inspired by artists Joan Miro, Picasso, Romano Lutwama, Paul Klee, Stephen Kasumba, Henry Mujunga, Nabuulime, Nnaggenda, Rose Kirumira, Kizito Maria Kasule,and George Kyeyune. He also does sculpture and printmaking, and is a singer-songwriter.

He is inspired by nature, human activity, local and world political issues such as trade and economic development, racism, homosexuality, climate change, the metaphysical (dreams),and the Bible.

Projects by Eria Nsubuga