Ben Krewinkel

Ben Krewinkel (NL, 1975) studied modern African history in Amsterdam and Pretoria and Photographic Studies in Leiden. He also finished the FotoAcademie (cum laude) in Amsterdam.

Ben Krewinkel teaches photography at the School of Journalism in Utrecht and at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. He also works as a curator and writes on photography, mainly photobooks.
He is the chief editor of the website OnPhotobooks.

In 2012 his first photobook A Possible Life. Conversations with Gualbert. was published. Currently plans are being made for a follow-up.
In between a project about the Mozambican Revolution and the photographs of Frits Eisenloeffel has been published in 2014. The title of the project is Looking for M.

As a researcher Ben is writing an article on the depiction of Poor White South Africans. He researched documents and photographs by Ernest Malherbe at the Killie Campbell museum in Durban (South Africa). Malherbe made photographs for the five volume academic project The Poor White Problem in South Africa (1932).

Projects by Ben Krewinkel