Bridging Differences – PRICCAPractice Expert Meeting # 3

‘One might say that images resemble nomads.
They migrate across the boundaries that separate one culture from another,
taking residence in the media of one historical place and time and then moving on to the next, like desert wanderers setting up temporary camps.’
Hans Belting

PRICCAPractice warmly invites you to an interactive afternoon that takes Hans Belting’s notion of the image as a nomad as a starting point. The conversation will focus on some of the temporary camps created by image makers and the possible (mis)understandings resulting from them. Each presentation and discussion will deal with a historical vantage point in a past longer or shorter ago and originating from a culture that distinguishes itself from what could be called ‘Dutch Culture’.

Key contributions will include photographers Ahmet Polat ( and Ben Krewinkel (, and artist Eria (Sane) Nsubuga (