Book launch of ‘People Poses Places’ on Photographer Mura Katuramu

After the PRICCAPractice Expert Meeting on November 21st, we would like to invite you to Noorderlicht Gallery for the book launch of ‘People Poses Places’ by Andrea Stultiens.

‘People Poses Places’ is the second part of the Ebifananyi series by HIPUganda that presents historical photography collections that are and have been digitized in Uganda. The book and exhibition present the work of Musa Katuramu (1913-1986). From the mid 1930s onwards, this carpenter and teacher portrayed his community with a simple box camera. He did not have a studio but used the landscape of western Uganda as a backdrop and created studiosettings in it. The technology used did not give him many options to control the outcomes of his efforts, but he understood that it was important to have the sun in his back.

Within and perhaps partly because of the limitations he had to deal with, Musa Katuramu made a touching collection of photographs that consists of about 1500 negatives and 750 prints that have been kept carefully by his son Jerry Bagonza. We see people who present themselves to one of them, which is unusual for the time and place the photographs were made in. A large part of Musa Katuramu’s heritage will be on display at Noorderlicht Gallery.

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