Project Week


As part of the February 2015 project week at Academy Minerva a workshop collodion photography was held, led by guest lecturer Peter van Hal. The aim of the workshop was not in the first place to research social processes, but rather to enhance awareness of the technique that is required to produce photographic images. A group of 12 students produced multiple collodion wet plate images, partly initiated by them, partly as portrait assignments as a way to finance the costs involved. All the while, the students were encouraged to think about how in this case particularly ‘the medium is the message’, and how it could be relevant to use an almost two centuries old technique in the digital age. One of the students’ answers was that the chosen technique can make the medium more present and the required actions a more conscious process than usual when creating a photographic image. Another one was that this ‘version’ of photography makes parts of reality, for example, faded freckles on one’s skin, visible due to different ways of translating color into black and white. Someone remarked that these same translation processes gave her food for thought on the way light works in two dimensional images in other techniques.

The project week is organized by René Alberts and participating students are
Anniek Mol
Katarzyna Pawlikowska
Paolina Varbichkova
Tereza Telúchová
Lisa Bommerson
Debbie Kölling
Carolina Burandt
Sophie Obelink
Irene de Boer
Katrina Jongsma
Clementine van der Bent

The results of the project week will be exhibited at Noorderlicht Gallery from March 5th till March 29th.