(The Netherlands)

Anders Belicht/In Another Light

Lino Hellings researches new ways to apply the journalistic and artistic photography methods she developed herself. The so-called Papa-method was developed in order to do research in and about urban public spaces. Lino Hellings has been applying this method in Bishkek, Dhaka and Rio de Janeiro. The research group Image in Context asked her to research, together with artist and photography teacher Harold Koopmans, whether her method can be used in an institutional environment. For Hellings, the most important issue is the transference of ownership: can her method be carried out by others besides herself? And are the outcomes of this process acceptable from the perspective of artistic ownership? The first phase of this research took place in Het Blauwbörgje, a small scale care home for people with dementia, in Paddepoel, a borough of Groningen. It proved to be a wonderful method to offer new perspectives.
See also the article Testing the Papa-method in an Institutional Context.